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Dear Parents,
Yoga was initially just another form of exercise for me. I preferred vinyasa style and power yoga classes that were fast paced and intense. As my practice developed, I noticed benefits other than the physical toning of my muscles. I began to really experience the centering at the beginning of class, appreciate the comments my teacher would make relating yoga to daily life and look forward to the release of savasana. My yoga practice transformed to include more breathing, mindfulness and holding of poses instead of powering through to the next one. I thought a lot about the connection between my yoga practice and my values as a person and a social worker. I began to think more about the journey or the process in obtaining my goals. I also incorporated more yoga techniques into my work with children and educators. I noticed the benefit that my yoga practice had, not only on my own life, but on relationships with my family, friends and colleagues. I would love to share the yoga that I know with children and their families so they too can live each day to its potential. As children begin to understand themselves more through their yoga practice, they too can improve their connection to their loved ones. I look forward to the opportunity to share yoga with your child.

About Me

Sharon is a certified yoga teacher for children and adults. She holds certifications from Nesheemah Kids Yoga, Go Grounded Kids, and Breathe for Change. Her training focused on best practices of yoga, mindful education, trauma informed practices, social emotional learning and competency as well as creative arts and play. Sharon is a Licensed Social Worker who works with children and families in a school setting. She also coaches teachers on developing the social emotional climate within their classroom as well as developing individualized strategies for their students to succeed. Sharon enjoys her own yoga practice and is also a mother of two beautiful, budding yoginis.

Blooming Minds Yoga Curriculum

In each of our childrens yoga classes we incorporate the following:

Yoga Poses: Children will learn yoga poses to develop balance, strength and coordination.

Games: Children will engage in age appropriate games to have fun while developing their attention span and ability to concentrate.

Feedback Circles: Children will participate in feedback circles which offer the opportunity to recognize, label and validate their feelings in relation to their yoga practice. Being present with their feelings helps to build their trust in others, confidence in themselves and tolerance of the unique situations we each present.

Storytelling: Children will gain an understanding of various social issues such as bullying, relationships, gratitude, etc. through age appropriate stories.

Guided Visualization/Meditation: Children will gain a sense of peace, calmness, and relaxation of the mind for clarity and focus while participating in guided visualization and meditation.

Art: Children will express themselves through art as well as use it as a modality for team building and relaxation of mind.

Family Yoga: Parents are encouraged to embrace our program components to carry-over into every day family life. It is important to reinforce yoga values at home to support healthy families

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