Our Offerings

Blooming Minds Yoga offers programs for children and adults incorporating weekly themes with a focus on developing flexibility of the mind, body and heart. Through learning new yoga poses, we practice balance, strength and coordination.

Through playing yoga games and participating in guided visualizations, we will focus on attention, self-awareness and relaxation for clarity and focus. Through partner poses, storytelling and feedback circles, we will focus on self-confidence, trust, tolerance and cooperation. Children will leave each class with an overall feeling of peace and calmness while also feeling engaged and energized.

Blooming Minds Yoga also believes that healthy children make for happy families. We encourage families to participate in a Family Yoga Class during designated classes. It is an excellent opportunity to share in your child’s journey and incorporate all the lessons they have learned into your family’s life.

Upcoming Events

Thursdays 8pm - February 15th through March 21st Yoga for Teens and Adults at School #3. Sign up at the Clifton Recreation website here.

Group Classes

Our group yoga classes are offered at various locations and recommended for a small setting of 10-12 children at a time. This supportive setting is beneficial for mutual learning and community building. Within this non-competitive group, children will learn to embrace their unique gifts and respect the light that we each have to offer. Please check upcoming schedule on the home page for current classes.

After School / Community Programs

Our yoga classes are a great opportunity to share yoga with your students in a school or community setting. Yoga is a perfect after school activity and we will happily come to you to meet your students where they are. Please contact us so that we may customize a program specifically for you.

Yoga Play Dates

Our yoga play dates are perfect for a group of 2-4 children in your home or at a local park. This setting is beneficial for a more personalized experience.

Private Sessions

Our private sessions are recommended for those students looking for more specific guidance and practice around a particular topic. This setting is beneficial for an individualized experience.